……a word from our Program Coordinator

“happiness is having a large, loving , caring, close-knit family in another city” George Burns

This quote made me laugh…. and laughter is so good for us!!

Many believe that as the time draws near for someone to die that we should behave in a somber manner and spend our time whispering quietly. I disagree. I believe that we should gather together to tell everyone the stories of that persons life. What made him/her who they are!!

In my family as in others….we know which of us broke Mom’s favourite lamp and who flinched all of the short bread cookies and butter tarts out of the freezer (not me!!). We need to remember all of the crazy, wonderful times that we have had as a family and share them with the next generation. I recall sitting at the bedside of a patient at the Hospice House and listening as the family reminisced. One story had me in tears of laughter and was set sixty years ago….involving a young newly married couple that needed help with one of those tight old girdles. I believe that our patient...lying in bed unconscious actually smiled!!!

The stories are so important... Please encourage the sharing of them!!! Don’t forget….laughter and tears….go hand in hand on this journey.

~ Heather