Virtual Gifts

It is often difficult to purchase a gift…birthday, anniversary or Christmas for the person who seems to have everything. By choosing one of our Virtual gifts you will be sending a thoughtful gift which will directly help The Hospice House for North Hastings. An attractive Thank You card with your own message will be sent to the recipient. You of course will receive the tax receipt

Pick a Virtual Gift

One Week of Food & Beverages | $20.00 CAD

One week of foodProvides 1 week of food & beverages for an inpatient at The Hospice House for North Hastings. Patients admitted for the last few weeks of life are mainly eating, jello, yogurt, applesauce and drinking fluids.

One Week Maintenance Costs | $35.00 CAD

One Week Maintenance CostsProvides 1 week of coverage of the maintenance costs at The Hospice House for North Hastings. We are fortunate to have our snow and lawn care donated to us but we still have to prepare and be ready for furnace repairs, roof springing a leak, etc.

One Rest and Relax Program | $50.00 CAD

One Rest and Relax ProgramProvides a caregiver or client one visit to our R&R Day Program. The support offered at our Day Program is so appreciated. Many caregivers are able to keep on providing care because of the support that we offer. At the program there is massage therapy, yoga, reiki, therapeutic touch, foot soaks and of course lunch offered.

Provide One Week of Hydro | $70.00 CAD

Provide One Week of HydroProvides 1 week of hydro costs for Hospice North Hastings.
Yes…we know…high but that’s the way it seems to be these days.

Train a New Volunteer | $100.00 CAD

Train a New VolunteerProvides training for 1 new volunteer. This new volunteer is then able to visit clients in the community, work at our Day Program or at our Residential Hospice at the Hospice House for North Hastings.  They are GOLD!!!