Dear friends,
While checking out a few hospice sites today I discovered that our colleagues at Hospice North Hastings have included a recently completed video. I urge all of you to look at this excellent testament for the work that can be achieved by a few dedicated people supported by their community. Remember that Hospice North Hastings is a small two bed hospice operating totally with the goodwill of their community - they receive the usual home services provided by the CCAC, but no public funding. Imagine what we could achieve in our proposed three to six bed rural hospices with a minimum of funding from government combined with local fundraising. Rick, I urge you to share this video with the other members of the HPCO and your key contacts within the Ministry. This is what rural palliative care is all about: a simple, low cost, home-like atmosphere managed by dedicated, caring volunteers, supported by local CCACs. You will note that Hospice North Hastings has been nominated for the Prime Minister's Social Innovator Award. We should all take pride in their example.

~ Regards, Doug.Burt, Chair, Dignity House Hospice


Hospice North Hastings provides a special way of caring for patients facing end of life decisions. Hospice is designed to improve a patient's quality of life and help alleviate the family's distress by providing efficient loving care, easing pain, and the overall emotional, spiritual, social and economic stress of the knowledge of impending death. The program's interdisciplinary team of professionals and volunteers work closely with the family during the illness, and through the bereavement period which could be up to one year. For over 23 years Hospice North Hastings has been providing care, support and education to residence of North Hastings, whose lives have been impacted by death. Welcome to our Website.

Hospice North Hastings nominated for Prime Minister’s Social Innovator Award

Nominees in this category are not-for-profit organizations that use innovative ideas and approaches, including the adoption of business practices, to improve their ability to respond to social challenges. Social innovators are organizations that develop new ideas or use existing ideas in new ways to address complex social challenges and help build stronger communities. These innovations take many forms: creative approaches to programs and services, developing and delivering resources, and building relationships. Social innovators provide creative solutions that respond to unmet social needs. 

  • Termination Letter to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (PDF)

Throughout our site you will find information which includes our home visiting program, rural residential hospice program, lending library and medical equipment loan cupboard. As well, we are always looking for volunteers and have a volunteer training program which runs every April.

If you would like to know more about Hospice North Hastings you can email us at or call us at 1.613.332.8014